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My name is Graham Green

May I introduce myself, and extend my sincere gratitude for visiting my website. I am deeply passionate about the art of sculpture and thrilled to share my creations with you. Please take a moment to peruse the various sections and explore my work. Each piece is a reflection of my dedication to blending modern innovation with timeless elegance. Thank you for joining me on this artistic journey.

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My Artist Statement.


​In each creation, I fuse technical prowess with artistic sensibilities, crafting an innovative symphony of design. As an artist, my commitment extends to unparalleled art design services, collaborating with individuals and organisations. Your artistic aspirations are met and exceeded as we redefine possibilities within art, coalescing creativity and expertise.Welcome to a space where engineering intricacies and sculptural elegance converge, defining a distinctive artistic voice resonating with authenticity and innovation


2022 - 2024

BSc Fine Art


2022 - 2024

Degree Show

Birmingham City University

School of Art

Margaret Street


By reputation and networking only.

About Me.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from BCU in 2024, specializing in sculpture, and achieved academic excellence throughout my tenure. My comprehensive curriculum allowed me to delve deeply into the principles of fine arts, mastering advanced techniques in sculpture. Additionally, I honed critical analytical and project management skills, which were instrumental in navigating both theoretical and practical aspects of art.

As a mature student returning to education, I brought a unique perspective and a rich tapestry of experiences that enriched the academic environment. This distinctive background fostered a deeper engagement with my peers and professors, leading to enriched dialogues and collaborations that enhanced our collective learning experience.

Throughout my studies, I engaged in several group and solo exhibitions, which not only allowed me to showcase my work but also to receive valuable feedback and engage with the broader artistic community. These exhibitions were instrumental in refining my artistic voice and perspective.

A pivotal aspect of my academic journey was my exploration into the specialized photographic technique of Orotone printing. This project involved an in-depth study and revival of this nearly forgotten artistic process, which dates back to the 19th century and involves creating gold-toned prints on glass. The successful integration of this historical technique into my practice not only highlighted my ability to bridge historical and contemporary art forms but also underscored my commitment to innovation and academic rigor. My Orotone prints, which combined historical richness with modern aesthetic sensibilities, were showcased at a prominent exhibition at the university. This not only served as a testament to my artistic and academic capabilities but also sparked interest and discussion among academic and artistic circles about the potential resurgence of historical techniques in modern art practices.

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