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Project Type

Photography & Sculpture


April 2024


One of my very first Orotone plates

As a Sculpture

Mounted in a bark frame, to complete the sculpture


Tree Bark
Acrylic paint
Gold leaf
Various Photographic printing Chemicals

While conducting research on an unrelated topic, I serendipitously discovered the art of Orotones, an advanced photographic process dating back to 1850. This technique, once a pinnacle of photographic innovation, involved creating prints on glass, imbued with a distinctive, luminous quality achieved through the application of a gold-toned emulsion. Despite its historical significance, the Orotone process became obsolete, fading into obscurity and leaving only a few connoisseurs proficient in its methods.

Captivated by the unique attributes of these glass prints, I am intrigued by the potential to integrate Orotone techniques into my artistic practice. The rich history, combined with the rare and almost forgotten production method, offers a fertile ground for exploration. My project aims to revive and adapt these techniques, exploring their aesthetic and expressive possibilities within contemporary art. Through this exploration, I intend to preserve and innovate upon a once-lost form, examining how the ethereal quality of Orotones can enhance and transform modern visual narratives.

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